Dáil must be recalled to seek accountability from Dysfunctional Government

September 2, 2015

Social Democrat TD Róisín Shortall has called on Government to recall the Dáil in order to answer the many serious questions arising from the Fennelly report which was published yesterday evening. According to Deputy Shortall, “it is not believable that the Taoiseach’s intention in sending Brian Purcell to visit Martin Callinan was anything other than to secure his resignation. By any standards, the failure by An Taoiseach to express confidence in the Commissioner & his refusal to allow him delay retirement amounts to constructive dismissal.” 

“In addition, the Fennelly report paints a seriously disturbing picture of extreme dysfunction at the very heart of Government where there is a glaring absence of any sense of accountability.”

“The publication of the report raises significant questions that cannot be answered through the prism of media performances by the Taoiseach and various Ministers. We, as public representatives, need to be able to use the Dáil chamber to rigorously question the Taoiseach’s version of events which sit in stark contrast to any fair reading of the Fennelly report.”
“There are so many elements of the report where urgent clarity is needed, not least the role of the Attorney General and the apparent internal dysfunction in that office. The lapse in communications in respect of the serious issue of the recording of Garda telephone calls should have received priority attention. There is also an urgent need to establish accountability for the failure of the Department of Justice to deal appropriately with this matter.”
“The Government is using the opportunity of the Dáil not being in session to rely on a media strategy aimed to confuse and obfuscate the facts. There are still three weeks until the Dáil resumes and that is too long for public representatives to be left without the appropriate opportunity to challenge the Government on these issues and for the public to get the answers they deserve.”