Social Democrats are Brave for Business

November 24, 2015

Glenna Lynch, Social Democrat Candidate for Dublin Bay South and Stephen Donnelly, Joint Leader, have this afternoon addressed the Brave Business Conference.

The conference, which is in its first year is an event designed to teach entrepreneurs and business owners everything they need to know about incorporating social media & online marketing into their business.


Speaking from the event today, Lynch commented:

“As an owner of a business myself, it was fantastic to attend the conference and see the energy we have within Irish enterprise. It really reinforced what we have been hearing on the doors in Dublin Bay South, that we need to do more for the self-employed through a better investment in support services, with obstacles to access removed. To really work, support needs to be low on red tape and high on responsiveness. This would provide the safety net which allows people to undertake the risks necessary to drive economic growth”

Also attending the event was Stephen Donnelly TD, who addressed the crowd on the need for Ireland to give greater supports to SMEs and the difference social media had made in his election in 2011.


‘I am delighted to have been able to meet with Ireland’s latest batch of innovators. The products on show put Ireland out ahead as a major source of new ideas at the point where business and social media meet.’

‘In 2011, I was elected by a tiny margin, just over hundred votes, social media made up that difference for me. Although the world of politics is behind the private sector with regards to the medium, we understand the massive potential that these products have. ‘