Press Release: Social Democrats Welcome President’s Intervention on Eve of Election

February 2, 2016

The Social Democrats today welcomed President Michael D Higgins intervention on the eve of the election where he has questioned the emphasis being placed on tax cuts by political parties.

President Higgins has warned that essential services must not become a political football during the election campaign.  The President posed the question: “Is it possible to have a decent society and at the same time continue to lower taxes for the purposes of securing the best short-term benefit?”

Co-leader Roisin Shortall TD, reacting to the President’s message said today:

‘This timely reminder by the President only reinforces the Social Democrats core message that the choices we make now in this election will define us as a nation for decades to come.

‘There is a clear choice to be made.  Do we want an Ireland of US-style tax cuts where vital public services are run down or do we want to take a more long term view and construct an inclusive and fair society by  investing in essential infrastructure and quality public services?