2 minute policy videos

February 8, 2016

Before this election we published our Policy Manifesto. It’s our vision for Ireland for the next 10 years. It’s an in-depth look at many key areas where we believe a new approach is needed.

We also recorded a series of videos, with our TDs and candidates explaining the important parts of our key policy areas, which you can watch here.

Reducing Your Cost of Living

Creating an Irish NHS

Ending Child Poverty

Driving Quality and Access in Education

Investing in Childcare and Early Years Education

How to Abolish Water Charges in Ireland

Extending Parental Leave to 1 Year

Make Housing Affordable

Repealing the 8th Amendment

Ensuring Pluralism in Education

Tackle Corruption With an independent Anti-Corruption Agency

Be a Global Leader in Smart City Movement

Champion Clean Energy and Address Climate Change

Tackle Crime and Support Policing

How We Can Back Business and Create Local Jobs

TachaĆ­ocht a thabhairt don Ghaeilge

Investing in Public Transport

Supporting Pensions and Services for Older People

Supporting the Arts

Ensure Fair Pay and Decent Work

Create a Community Banking Centre

Supporting Rural Ireland

Backing Local Business to Grow and Create Jobs

Opposing TTIP

Supporting the Irish Language

A Long Term Plan for Irish Rural Healthcare