I’ll take those odds!

February 10, 2016

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There’s quite a few benefits to being underestimated in this election. I don’t think the bigger parties expected us to change the national debate from cutting taxes to investing in our services, but we did!

Another advantage a few of our volunteers are having fun with is our odds at the bookies! Back in 2011, Stephen Donnelly was 13/1 at this point in the campaign, so we’re no strangers to underestimation.

Liam Coyne at 18/1?


That photo came in from #TeamLiam, who are growing in confidence every day, including another warm welcome on the doorsteps of Walkinstown yesterday.


Glenna Lynch‘s team were also braving the elements in Rathmines last night. Did this house pain their doors purple in support? We can only assume so.


Did you see Gary Gannon (Dublin Central) debating Labour’s Derek Nolan on The Journal.ie? Gary gave an amazing argument for the massive need for real, strong Social Democracy in Ireland.

Let’s cut the red tape. Stephen Donnelly was joined by Glenna Lynch (Dublin Bay South) and Liam Coyne (Dublin South Central) at the launch of our plan for Small Businesses.

If you want to learn more about how we’re backing small businesses you can read our policies here or have a listen to Stephen Donnelly below:

Ken Curtin shared a message that’s really getting through on the doorsteps of Cork East. If you’ve been out canvassing, what have people been responding to for you?


Niall O’Tuathail found that speaking in Twi, one of the languages spoken in Ghana, helped secure two number one votes. I guess this one might be a little harder for the rest of us to replicate!


Leonard Kelly‘s team have put out a great video asking “What if….?”

This mailing list of supporters is growing by the hundreds, with every daily email going out to much more than the one before. The enthusiasm, the fun, the feedback and the excitement we’re getting from you guys is incredibly infectious. I hope you’re feeling it too!