Let’s Make Housing Affordable

February 12, 2016

There are very few things in life as important as where you live.

Today we launched our plans to Tackle the Housing Crisis and Make Housing Affordable. https://socialdemocrats.ie/policies/make-housing-affordable/

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Housing policy in Ireland has largely been seen as a market responsibility, which has led to an over-exposure to economic shocks for both individuals and the state.

We propose a coordinating model which would bring about a greater degree of certainty to home-purchasers, builders, suppliers, lenders and the exchequer – the kind of reliability that is noticeably absent in both boom and bust periods.

We want to ensure that vibrant, sustainable communities are developed with good tenure and social mix so that every person and every family is able to access the right type and location of housing, at the right time of life.

Download the full Policy Document

Catherine Murphy explains how we plan to Make housing Affordable: