Out of touch, out of time and out of luck

February 12, 2016

We’ve spent most of our morning today dismissing media reports that the SocDems would be offered two ministerial posts, including one at cabinet.

According to today’s Irish Independent senior Fine Gael figures have suggested the Social Democrats are the party’s ‘first port of call’ and favour offering two Government posts.

This is clearly mischief making of the highest order.

At our Unlocking Affordable Housing launch this morning Catherine Murphy said

“We’re not chasing seats at the Cabinet table, we’re looking for a permanent change in the direction of this country.”

The Social Democrats are not here just to make up the numbers.

These kind of stories make it obvious that Fine Gael’s direction of government has left it out of touch, out of time and out of luck.

They are trying to attach themselves to the relevancy of our policies and judging by last night’s unedifying leader’s debate spectacle, you can see why they might try.