Towards an Open & Transparent Government

February 16, 2016

We believe that if we make some much-needed changes in key areas – like how our parliament operates, how the government handles decision-making, how we do political funding and the measures we take to tackle corruption – if we look at these areas and make some smart, meaningful changes we believe we can revitalise, rebalance and reinvent our political system.

If you ever wondered why our national politics seems so dysfunctional, why corruption often goes untacked and unpunished, why our party system has remained unchanged for almost 100 years or why most backbenchers and TDs spend their time fixing local issues and not drafting national legislation, these are in many ways a byproduct of a dysfunctional system.

If we fix that system, all of these issues become easier to tackle.

Today we launched a our policy document “Towards Open & Transparent Government“, which is all about reforming politics and tackling corruption.

You can download it here.