Let’s Be Honest, Let’s Take a Stand, Let’s Make Change

February 22, 2016

Catherine Murphy, Róisín Shortall and Stephen Donnelly founded the Social Democrats just a few short months ago.

In that time we have developed and laid out our long term vision for a better Ireland.

We have changed the national conversation from fearing dangerous tax cuts to planning wise investments.

We have set out how and why we should invest in our healthcare and education systems, grow jobs, support Irish businesses and reduce the cost of living.

We have 14 amazing candidates running in this election, backed by thousands of volunteers and supporters across the country.

We are building a new, credible choice for people in Ireland. A sensible alternative to the establishment, civil war politics.

On Saturday, after the 6pm news, our party political broadcast was aired. In it we set out our vision for Ireland and showed the growing momentum behind our movement. You can watch it here:

This is a long term project. This is growing every day. This is just the beginning.

Thanks for your continued support.