5 Things You Can Do If There’s No SocDems Candidate in Your Area

February 23, 2016

We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people getting in touch to ask if there is a Social Democrat in their constituency.

As a new party we can’t be everywhere from day 1, but it is our plan to start with this election and expand country-wide as quickly as possible.

So if you can’t vote for a SocDem on February 26th, what can you do to help? Here’s 5 suggestions:

1. Enter your email here and let us know your constituency so that we can let you know when we field a candidate in your constituency in future. Maybe you can help get our organisation off the ground in your constituency? https://socialdemocrats.ie/in-my-area/

2. Tell a friend in a constituency with a SocDem. For us to build a real alternative to the establishment parties a crucial first step is capturing more than 50,000 first preference votes in this election. It ensures we get the funding needed to grow our organisation and build a big party. So every vote counts. Maybe post one of our videos to Facebook with a short message about why you’re supporting Social Democrats.

3. Get involved and help out in a neighbouring constituency – socialdemocrats.ie/get-involved

4. Donate – We’re being massively outspent by the establishment parties, each of which has over €1m of public funding to spend on this election. Every euro of your support will go towards winning – socialdemocrats.ie/donate

5. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter to keep in touch