Was the Cregan Timing Intentional to Frustrate and Obfuscate?

April 30, 2016

Catherine Murphy has strongly criticised the timing of the release of the latest report from the Cregan Commission of Investigation into certain IBRC transactions including the controversial Siteserv deal. Deputy Murphy also focused on the contents of the report in which Justice Cregan claimed he is hamstrung by legislative obstacles and as such cannot overcome the issues of privilege and confidentiality being asserted by both the Department of Finance and the Special Liquidators of IBRC.

Speaking late last night Catherine Murphy TD said:

“I think everyone can see the timing for what it is. 9pm on the Friday of a Bank Holiday and following the announcement of a deal between the two big parties seems like a very obvious case of media management – trying to limit people’s exposure to the failings of the system surrounding the Cregan investigation.”

“Justice Cregan has reiterated his calls for updated legislation in order for him to overcome the fact that some of the parties involved including the Department of Finance, the special liquidators of IBRC and some debtors involved in the deals have all asserted a demand for their information to be treated as privileged and therefore confidential. It is impossible for the investigation to get answers if it is not allowed use the evidence it gathers. Last November I met with the then Taoiseach Enda Kenny along with other opposition leaders and we outlined very clearly what needed to happen for this to progress. The Taoiseach gave a commitment at that meeting that he would have the appropriate legislation drafted and circulated before the Dáil resumed in January where it could be progressed as a matter of urgency. We are still waiting for that urgency.”

“For me, the fact that certain parties, specifically the Department of Finance and some of the debtors involved in the controversial transactions, have chosen not to waive their privilege in order to allow the investigation continue, raises questions. If there is genuinely nothing untoward in any of the transactions, and predominately Siteserv, then why not make the information available to Justice Cregan and have it resolved once and for all?”

“In the meantime the costs are spiraling and I made it very clear in the November meeting with the Taoiseach that this should not be allowed to happen. For me this inquiry was always about choosing the option which provided the answers that citizens both want and deserve in the least costly and most time effective manner. That seems to have been forgotten as the process of obfuscation continues. I will not allow the system to frustrate me to the point that I give up on this and I will continue to pursue this as forcefully as ever.”