Let’s See Meaningful Action From The New Government

May 6, 2016

After 70 days of discussions the formation of a Government is a welcome resolution, but the new administration musth not resume where the last one left off.

Catherine Murphy raised concerns this evening about the apparent conservative nature of this administration and the kind of deals which may have been agreed in order to facilitate its establishment. She also called for action on both the Moriarty findings and progress in the ongoing Cregan commission into IBRC.

She said:

The last Dáil had the largest majority in the history of the State and that led to a distortion of the democratic process. This time out there is the opportunity to do things in an entirely different way and I would hope that those opportunities are grasped and utilised in the best way possible to facilitate outcomes that are evidence-based and in the best interests of citizens.

“The last Government presided over an unbalanced recovery and tax cuts being prioritised over investment in public services. That cannot be allowed to continue. We also watched as the findings of the Moriarty Tribunal were left to languish on a shelf and even up to recent days how the Cregan investigation into IBRC was not being facilitated to progress its work. If we are to restore people’s faith in the political system then this Government must do more than make speeches about these issues it must ensure real and appropriate action is taken in regard to those people named in any such Tribunal findings or investigations.”

“The Social Democrats reiterate our commitment to working collaboratively throughout the lifetime of this Dáil to bring about policies with the best outcomes for all citizens at their heart.”

Stephen Donnelly said:

“The growing sense in Ireland that there are the ‘haves and the have-nots’ is due to a failed ideology. The behaviour of the last Government and the resulting outcomes are the result of a failed ideology.We need to build a Republic that provides everyone with opportunity and dignity. For this to happen, we must be guided by a different ideology – one that champions not just responsibility, but inclusion, equality and sustainable ecology, communities and public finances. That will be the priority of the Social Democrats in the 32nd Dáil.”