Alternative Budget 2017

October 6, 2016

Social Democrats Aim to ‘Put Real Money Back in People’s Pockets’

Alternative Budget Proposal
Click above to download a copy of our Alternative Budget proposal

The Social Democrats have this morning launched their budget proposals with a very clear objective of ‘putting real money back in people’s pockets’. The budget document focuses heavily on measures which would alleviate the day to day burden faced by citizens across a number of different aspects of life including childcare, health, insurance costs, prescription costs, education costs and the public transport fares.

The budget, whilst being framed within the current fiscal space, also makes it clear that it is time for the Irish Government to challenge those EU rules which see us severely hamstrung in terms of the levels of investment being committed to vital public services including housing.

Speaking ahead of the launch Social Democrats’ co-leader Róisín Shortall said:
“We know that despite Government rhetoric of recovery, many people are still struggling with the day to day cost of living in Ireland. Depending on the stage of their lives, people will find themselves spending significant amounts of their income on basic necessities. Older people or those with medical need will speak of prescription costs or the inability to access adequate homecare packages. Those trying to rear a family know only too well the significant costs associated with children and young adults. In addition so many people, across all demographics, are struggling with housing costs in both the rental and home purchasing sector. “

“We also have a situation where small and medium enterprises are facing significant costs associated with the excessive amount of red tape involved in running a business here in Ireland and the ever increasing insurance costs faced by business people. If we are to continue to encourage our brightest entrepreneurs to create employment and keep our economy thriving, we must address the issue of business costs and the Social Democrats have set forward a plan to do just that in this budget.”

“By strategically investing in key public services and delivering those services in an efficient and targeted manner we can ensure that not only will it put hard cash back into peoples’ pockets on a daily basis but it will also ensure we have a healthy functioning society and thriving economy.”

Click here to download a copy of our Alternative Budget 2017