“Dublin’s North-East Inner City is not a Zoo” says Councillor Gary Gannon

February 17, 2017

Social Democrats Councillor for Dublin Central, Gary Gannon, says that the Mulvey “North-East Inner City” report is disappointing and should have gone much further.

Responding to the publication of the report Cllr. Gannon said

“We are not a zoo. People living in the north Inner City are very proud to live there and proud of their community. The North Inner City is not unique; we’re suffering like many other parts of Ireland from drastic cutbacks to basic services. We need a Government that has a genuine ongoing commitment to tackle those issues – at local and national level – not patronising “visits” to the area, 20 minutes from the Taoiseach’s office”.

“The report contains some welcome commitments, including the re-opening of Fitzgibbon Street Garda Station, a plan to tackle gangland activity and anti-social behaviour, and some local improvements.”

“The challenge now will be to ensure that these are actually delivered for local communities. But the level of investment promised is nowhere near adequate to address the lack of jobs, lack of training, lack of public investment and lack of opportunities that the community faces.”

“There is precious little in the recommendations to tackle the housing crisis in the area. There is little commitment to prevention services. And the single biggest action that would improve the area – reversing the cuts that the area suffered in the austerity years – has not been addressed. This includes the 140 local Gardaí that were withdrawn, and cut-backs to local community and public services.”

“Communities in the North Inner City saw what happened with the Gregory Deal in the 1980s. There was a great initial investment but no sustained commitment to the issues affecting the area. We won’t fall for that trap again. Reversal of national cuts will make a material difference, but we need a long term, sustainably funded, strategic approach to the challenges facing the North Inner City.”


17th February 2017