RTÉ Lands Sale is an unmissable opportunity to address Housing Crisis

March 22, 2017

The Social Democrats have said that the lands on the RTÉ site in Dublin 4 are State-owned lands and as such represent a significant opportunity for Government to provide a substantial amount of good quality, centrally located social and affordable housing. The party’s Co-Leaders Catherine Murphy and Róisín Shortall reject the idea that such a prime site in State hands would be sold to a developer who is only required to allocate 10% of the site to social housing.

Catherine Murphy TD said this is a unique opportunity to build a vibrant, thriving community with a good social mix of first time buyers, family homes, social housing, step down homes and other housing requirements.

Catherine Murphy TD said:
“In the midst of a housing crisis which worsens every day it is inconceivable that state lands which could easily provide family housing in a location with great transport infrastructure and easy access to services such as schools, hospital and the city centre would be limited to a select few who can afford exorbitant house prices.”

“There is a decision to be made here which will definitively highlight whether this Government is serious about providing social housing in an inclusive way. Will to Government relegate those who can’t afford multi-million euro houses to the hinterlands and beyond or instead recognise the value of a housing strategy which prioritises a healthy and vibrant social mix? These lands should not be categorised as simply sale-able lands whose returns would be invested in RTÉ but rather as an opportunity for the State to access much needed land that can be used to help address the housing crisis.”

22nd March 2017