State giving ownership of maternity hospital to Sisters of Charity is indecent

April 18, 2017

Social Democrats Councillor Gary Gannon has described as “indecent” the decision by the Department of Health to give ownership of the new state-funded National Maternity Hospital to the Religious Sisters of Charity.

Speaking today, Dublin City Councillor Gannon stated: “We may have had to accept that this religious order, that ran a laundry businesses with the blood and sweat of Irish women, has established health businesses at the heart of our public and private systems. There may not be much we can do about that.

“However, now that the Irish state is finally building and funding a new National Maternity hospital with public funds, we don’t have to turn around and hand it to this group. The Sisters of Charity owe the state millions and have effectively refused to pay into the compensation scheme for victims of historical abuse. The Irish Government does not normally enter into a contract with defaulters. I cannot understand how this has happened. It’s indecent.

I want to apologise to the surviving Magdalen women and their children, I’m sorry that they have to wake up this morning to another slap in the face from the Government. I hope they know that this is not what Irish people want.”


18th April 2017