Minister for finance shows contempt for Dáil over AIB share vote

May 18, 2017

The Minister for Finance is showing contempt for democracy by pressing ahead with the sale of AIB despite a Dáil vote today to postpone it, co-leader of the Social Democrats, Catherine Murphy TD has said.

Speaking following Dáil questions to Minister Michael Noonan today, Deputy Murphy said:

“Instead of respecting the democratic process, Minister Noonan is showing contempt for the Dáil. He is trying to justify running roughshod over our parliamentary democracy by saying that the Programme for Government allows the sale of AIB shares.

“But that is not good enough. The Programme for Government says that the State ‘will use its bank shareholding in the best interests of the Irish people’ and ‘will not sell more than 25% of any bank before the end of 2018’.

“There is no way that the Minister can say that this vague commitment justifies his decision today to dismiss the will of parliament.

“The Dáil motion today was passed because the Government forgot to get its TDs in the chamber for the vote. The fact that this vote carried because Fine Gael was distracted over the leadership contest is neither here nor there.”