Serious questions for ODCE after shambolic handling of Anglo investigation

May 23, 2017

The ODCE has serious questions to answer about its ability to prosecute white collar crime, the Social Democrats co-leader Róisín Shortall TD has said.

Speaking after the collapse of the trial of Mr Seán Mr Fitzpatrick today, Ms Shortall said:

“The Anglo investigation was the first significant test of the capacity of the ODCE to conduct a thorough prosecution, and it has bungled it. Its shambolic handing of this case raises serious questions about our criminal justice system and the future of the ODCE itself when it comes to prosecuting white collar crime.

“The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement received extra State funding and enhanced powers to deal with the fall-out from the banking collapse of 2008. Yet nearly nine years on we see a trial collapsing because of a biased and flawed investigation.

“This saga shows once again that the State has never taken corporate crime seriously. We need to see proper resources allocated to developing institutions for preventing, detecting and prosecuting corporate crime. How can the public have any confidence in our justice system otherwise?”