Limerick mosque incidents condemned

June 9, 2017

The Social Democrats’ Limerick representative, Sarah Jane Hennelly, has pledged her support to those affected by separate incidents at two mosques in Limerick.

Ms Hennelly said: “I wish to show my support for the city’s Muslim residents and the Imams of both mosques, who must have found the incidents very distressing. These acts of vandalism and abuse are abhorrent to all of us who share the values of inclusion and respect for religion.

“We cannot allow the perpetrators behind the recent space of incidents in Limerick and Galway to instil fear among those of Muslim faith in Ireland who have a right to go about their daily worship in peace, particularly in this holy month of Ramadan.

“I have the pleasure of knowing and working with many members of the Muslim community who live in Limerick. Incidents like this are very upsetting, not just for the people affected, but because they do not represent the true nature of Limerick people. This is a very open city, welcoming to new communities, that is something I am always so proud of. This is an isolated incident and should serve only as a lesson to support our neighbours and reject racism, intimidation and hatred.

Ms Hennelly added: “I have previously worked with members of Henry Street Gardaí on ways to include and respond to new communities in Limerick. From this first-hand experience, I am confident that the Gardaí will deal with such incidents effectively and with compassion, as I have seen them do before. However, we do urgently need to introduce hate crime legislation and give the Gardaí greater powers for early intervention.”