How to get more from your gift vouchers

Many of us will be giving and receiving gift vouchers for Christmas for everything from books and clothes to meals out, hotel stays or spa treatments.

It’s very easy to tuck them away in a drawer and forget about them and it’s always very annoying to find when you go to redeem a voucher that is has just expired, or that it comes with penalty charges or fees that you weren’t aware of.

The Social Democrats want to help consumers by ending gift voucher rip offs.

We have brought forward a draft law to extend the expiry date on all vouchers to a minimum of five years. This means that people don’t feel under pressure to cash in their vouchers within 12 months.

Our Consumer Protection (Gift Vouchers) Bill 2017  is about strengthening the rights of consumers by making it easier for people to redeem in full their gift vouchers without all the strings attached to them.

You can read more about our proposals here.

If you would like to find out more about our exciting vision for change make sure to a look at our policies page.