Our proposals to make renting more secure

The rental market in Ireland is extremely precarious, with people losing the roof over their heads far too easily and often.

The Social Democrats have published a draft law to make renting more secure for all tenants.

The proposals from our Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Bill 2018 are:

Longer minimum notice periods

  • Requiring landlords to give at least three months’ notice for terminations of tenancies for all renters.

Ending unfair and illegal rent hikes

  • Giving new tenants in Rent Pressure Zones – where rent hike caps apply – the right to know how much the previous tenants paid.

Higher fines for landlords

  • Increasing fines for landlords who breach minimum notice periods for terminations.

Current notice periods for terminations of rental agreements

Did you know that if you are renting for less than six months your landlord is only obliged to give you 28 days’ notice to terminate your tenancy?

Under our draft law, a new minimum notice period of 90 days would apply for all tenancies lasting less than one year,  and 120 days for all tenancies between 1 and 5 years’ duration.

Here is a full comparison of the current notice period compared to the notice period under our Bill:

Find out more about our Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Bill 2018 here.

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