First National Youth Summit

We are happy to announce we are holding a national youth summit on Saturday April 8th for all our young party members, supporters and student members.

Please join us to share your thoughts and ideas of the kind of Ireland you would like to see, the kind of Ireland you would like the Social Democrats to work towards.

There will be short talks by a range of really interesting speakers who will describe what Ireland they would like to see in 2030 in areas such as politics, gender equality, climate change and climate justice, social inequality, immigration, housing, the world of work, the world of business and entrepreneurship, and discussion pods to hear from you what you see as our future.

We’ll post details of speakers here over the next few days.

We want this youth summit to be very different from ordinary young political party conferences. The Social Democrats believe Ireland needs a political system that thinks in terms of a long term vision rather than election cycles. So we’re looking for young party members and our student societies to start imagining our party’s vision for Ireland in 2030.

At the summit attendees will get the chance to form long-term party policy and shape the vision of change we’re trying to bring to Irish politics in several breakout discussion groups. We want to hear your vision for what key parts of Irish life could look like in 2030. The party will take those ideas and different visions and start working towards achieving them.

Come help us shape our long term vision for a better, fairer Republic.

The summit will take place on Saturday the 8th of April, in Dublin city centre, in Trinity College Dublin’s Science Gallery, from 11am until 4pm (lunch will be provided for everyone). Followed by social drinks in Trinity’s Pavillion bar afterwards.

To register your participation, click here

To see what’s happening on the day take a look at programme here

Looking forward to seeing you there!

For more information contact [email protected]