Download our Full Manifesto Here
Download our Full Manifesto

The Social Democrats believe that a strong, creative, prosperous, fair, equal and democratic country – in which all children have the opportunity to achieve their potential – is not just an aspiration. It can, and should be, Ireland’s reality.

Our Priorities

We are prioritising policies that:

  1. Support a healthy, inclusive and progressive society
  2. Ensure a strong, stable and vibrant economy
  3. Make politics and government more transparent


Investing in public services, ensuring a recovery for all and building and inclusive and progressive society…

What does that mean?


An Irish NHS – How do we get there? It’s a 3 phase, 10 year plan:

  1. Switch activity and care away from acute hospitals and into the community
  2. Provide universal access to community and healthcare services
  3. End the two-tier services by raising the standard of our public hospital service


How will we foster a strong, stable and vibrant economy?

Honesty & Transparency

We feel these are two ingredients sorely lacking in Irish public life. Here’s how we think we can start to fix it:

Community Banking

Let’s create a community banking sector.

Ireland has about 380 credit unions and over 1,100 post offices across the country. They’re in towns and villages in every county.

If we allow them to compete with banks, to provide current accounts, to give loans to families, new businesses and home owners, we can create an entirely new banking sector to compete on a more local and personal level than the current commercial banks.

It’s a big idea for sure, but it’s a sensible one which can bring community banking to Ireland.


Ireland’s small and medium enterprises could be supported in the creation of about 100,000 new jobs.

Let’s cut the red tape for small business and the self-employeed.


We want to reduce your cost of living by making childcare affordable:

  • Extending paid parental leave to 1 year
  • Setting maximum fees for parents for childcare
  • Extending subsidised childcare places to lower-income families

Our Policies A-Z

Learn more about what the Social Democrats stand for here.

Our Manifesto

Many people in Ireland want a credible alternative to the parties in power today. They want a political vision that marries strong social vision with responsible economics and better government.

This is exactly what the Social Democrats are offering.

If you want to read the nitty gritty detail behind any or all of these policy areas, we’ve laid it all out in our 60 page manifesto, which you can download here:

Building a Better Future (2016 – 2026)

Our Budgetary approach

Our pre-budget submission lays out the Social Democrat approach to spending and taxation.  This is detailed here.

Other parties may promise to spend more, but we believe that auction politics are misleading, and are part of the problem with our politics.  We have proposed measures in line with reasonable independent projections.