Address Climate Change

The Social Democrats recognise the great opportunities and benefits in transitioning to a low-carbon, energy efficient economy. We understand that action on climate is needed today.  We want to guarantee our future environmental, social and economic health by implementing robust domestic emissions-reduction legislation with credible, incremental national and sectoral plans, based on ambitious but attainable goals.

Priorities for the Social Democrats include:

  • Reforming our present climate-action regime to make it more robust, dependable and successful, by including:
    • specific domestic targets on emissions reduction and fossil fuel use, taking due regard of our emissions profile;
    • comprehensive, attainable mitigation action plans with regular reviews and mandatory corrective measures;
    • enhancements to the powers and functions of the Climate Change Advisory Council.
  • Ensuring that Ireland is a world leader internationally on tackling harmful emissions, and that our negotiating position at EU level reflects the urgency with which action is required on climate change;
  • Ensuring that emissions reduction targets are applied appropriately to all non-Emissions Trading Scheme sectors of economic life in the State;
  • Funding technical assistance to aid organisations develop carbon mitigation programmes;
  • Encouraging greater take-up of proven methods of carbon sequestration – chiefly forestry and wetlands.

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