Crime and Policing


Our Plan to Tackle Crime and Support Policing

Morale within Garda Síochána has been described by many within the force as at an all- time low. This follows a number of scandals which led to high profile enquiries. Their findings included identifying massive systems failures in how crimes are recorded, managed and classified. Inadequate training and management leading to widespread gaps and inefficiencies were also found. The closure of stations, and new roster and pay arrangements, have also contributed to the morale problem.

It is essential that the culture within the force changes to one where clear lines of accountability are established, a training and modernisation program is accelerated and the force receives the investment in the systems, equipment and personnel essential for a modern police force to do the job asked of it.


Phase in recommendations outlined in the Garda Inspectorate Report in conjunction with the All Party Justice Committee. Priorities for the Social Democrats include:

  • Invest in modern IT systems – phase out the Pulse System;
  • Develop new in-service training programs;
  • Maximise the use of new systems to support investigation of crime and a more consistent approach to the recording/classification/detection of crimes;
  • Design better accountability into every level of management;
  • Implement new investigation management systems with inbuilt performance measurements;
  • Deploy personnel based on crime statistics and demographic changes;
  • Ensure that Gardaí deployments can support wide scale adoption of a Community Policing model;
  • Review the new roster arrangements against crime investigation strategies;
  • Introduce a work force planning program aimed at recruitment and upskilling;

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