Ensure Fair Pay and Decent Work

Fair terms and conditions of employment, protecting rights of representation for workers, and ensuring respect and dignity in the workplace are fundamental to the principles of social democracy and to our values as a party.


  • Supporting the introduction of a living wage, which is based on the real cost of living. This would be done through achieving a social consensus as envisioned by the Living Wage Campaign, in consultation with employers and based on affordability.
  • Banning zero hour contracts, as well as addressing the prevalence of ‘if and when’ contracts as identified in the recent study by the University of Limerick.
  • Supporting the ICTU Charter, including the right to representation and collective bargaining, respect, equality and ethics at work, and fair public procurement.
  • Extending the terms of reference of the Low Pay Commission to include a proper oversight framework for internships, low hours and precarious work in the wider economy.
  • Reforming Irish labour activation policy by ensuring schemes are better regulated and targeted for different groups with very distinct needs (e.g., Graduates, early school leavers, long-term unemployed).
  • Closing the legal loophole in Irish company law which led to the denial of entitlements to workers recently made redundant by Clery’s, by preventing company directors who are found to have engaged in this practice from serving as directors for a period of five years or more.
  • Honouring the terms of the Lansdowne Road Agreement in full.
  • Introducing a series of measures so that the cost of living for workers is reduced (e.g. childcare, water charges).
  • Legislating to prevent employers with the financial resources to meet the liabilities in their pension schemes, from simply walking away from the benefit promises, as is standard in other EU countries.