Our Policies – An A-Z


Learn more about what the Social Democrats stand for, and the key policies we are proposing.

  • 8th Amendment
    We will campaign in support of removing the 8th Amendment from the Constitution.
  • Agriculture and Forestry
    The Social Democrats understand that Agriculture and the Agri-Food sector must be supported as a key indigenous industry, a major employer and one of our biggest exporters.
  • Arts
    For too long, successive governments have largely ignored the Arts as an afterthought, a peripheral concern to which little time, money or creative thought should be devoted.
  • Childcare
    Our plan supports parents and makes childcare and early years education affordable.
  • Child Poverty
    Poverty robs children of their potential. It’s time we put an end to this. All children deserve an equal chance in life.
  • Community Banking
    We propose an ambitious project where the State and Central Bank of Ireland would work with both credit unions and post offices to build a strong community banking sector in Ireland.
  • Corruption
    The Social Democrats have a plan to tackle white collar crime and corruption and we believe this can improve accountability, end cronyism, and restore confidence in public life.
  • Cost of Living
    By investing in public services and targeting some key costs in family budgets, the Social Democrats believe that government can have a far more positive impact on household budgets, without eroding the tax-base.
  • Crime and Policing
    The Social Democrats will invest in modern IT systems, deploy personnel based on crime statistics and demographic changes, and support a wide-scale Community Policing model.
  • Disabilities
    Irish people who have disabilities and/or mental health difficulties are at significantly greater risk than non-disabled people of experiencing poverty, social exclusion, unemployment and lack of opportunity for education, training and retraining.
  • Education
    Ireland should be a republic in which every child has the opportunity to achieve their potential – that can only happen with a well-funded and modern education system.
  • Energy
    The Social Democrats recognise that fossil fuel based generation must eventually be phased out in its entirety and that this will form an essential part of Ireland’s overall climate strategy.
  • Healthcare
    The aim of the Social Democrats is to build an Irish National Health Service – a publicly funded health service that would be accessible to all.
  • Housing
    We want to ensure that vibrant, sustainable communities are developed with good tenure and social mix so that every person and every family is able to access the right type and location of housing, at the right time of life.
  • Job Creation
    The Social Democrats believe that Ireland’s SMEs could be supported in the creation of about 100,000 new jobs.
  • Mental Health
    The Social Democrats commit to delivering all aspects of the 2006 ‘Vision for Change’ strategy as a cornerstone of our mental health plan. Fully implemented, this strategy will not only be responsive to individuals suffering from mental health issues, but will also work to proactively equip people with basic tools to positively strengthen awareness of their own mental health and recognise when to seek help.
  • National Finances
    We will end to the current boom-and-bust cycle through responsible fiscal management.
  • Transport
    Population growth, particularly in our urban centres, must be adequately planned for today in terms of transport provision if we are to avoid unsustainable urban sprawl, disconnected communities and ever-increasing car commutes.
  • TTIP
    The Social Democrats oppose the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
  • Water Charges
    Water charges should be abolished, as should the conservation grant. The meter rollout should be stopped.