Tackle Corruption with an Independent Anti-Corruption Agency

Ireland does not have an effective means of preventing, detecting, and prosecuting corruption and white collar crime.

Various Tribunals and Commissions of Inquiry have come and gone with few consequences for corrupt and reckless behaviour.

Anti-corruption law is spread across a multitude of legislation, and responsibility for preventing and prosecuting corruption is spread across a multitude of agencies.

The Social Democrats have a plan to tackle white collar crime and corruption and we believe this can improve accountability, end cronyism, and restore confidence in public life.

The Social Democrats’ proposals are:

  • Establish a new law enforcement body, an Independent Anti-Corruption Agency (IACA), to tackle white collar crime and corruption in the corporate world and political spheres;
  • The IACA would act as a standing Commission of Investigation and would end the need for expensive and ineffective Tribunals of Inquiry;
  • The IACA would initially assume some/all of the remit of a number of existing bodies including the Standards in Public Office Commission; the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement; the Registrar of Lobbyists and the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission. It would act as an advisory body to several other public bodies;
  • The IACA would have a monitoring and investigative role over public procurement activities, and would be able to conduct sectoral reviews and initiate investigations as it saw fit;
  • Establish a new Dáil oversight committee, called the Public Interest Committee, to oversee IACA and Ministerial resource allocation decisions;
  • Update anti-corruption legislation, to include, among other things, minimum standards for eligibility to hold public office.
  • Find out more on our Anti-Corruption proposals here.

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