Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy

A rights-based approach

It’s time for a new perspective on sexual and reproductive health. The SocDems recognise that issues regarding sex, sexuality, and reproductive choices are very personal matters. We understand that individual views will differ, and we will always respect those differences. We support a rights-based approach to these issues.

The World Health Organisation definition of Sexual and Reproductive Health can be defined under three broad headings:

• Responsible and satisfying sex life
• Reproductive Freedom – the freedom to decide if and when to procreate.
• Safe Motherhood (attaining optimal maternal and new-born health)

The SocDems embrace and support these definitions and believe that promoting societal attitudes and behaviours based upon these definitions can help ensure a positive and healthy culture regarding issues of sexuality and reproduction.

Changing attitudes

For too long, issues of sex, relationships and reproductive choice have been either taboo or polarised. We believe that Irish citizens in the modern Republic are capable of having mature conversations which cultivate attitudes that allow for healthy sexual expression and associated reproductive choices. A modern Irish Republic must ensure that healthcare is offered to all citizens equally.

You can read our full Sexual and Reproductive Health policies here.