Opposing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)


TTIP presents very serious concerns for the Social Democrats. While we support the removal of unnecessary barriers to trade where they bring benefits of sustainable economic growth  and job creation, we do not consider consumer protections and product standards as barriers to be removed.

We recognise the threat the regulatory coordination principles contained in the draft agreement make for very hard won standards and citizen protections in how products are manufactured and sold. We do not support the dilution or watering down of consumer protections under any circumstances.

Furthermore, the proposed Investor-State Resolution mechanism appears to give undue influence and power to large corporations in determining public policy. The Social Democrats strongly believe that these provisions, as proposed, represent a threat to the proper democratic functioning of national parliaments and the right of governments to determine policy in the interests of the people alone. We also consider the secrecy of the process to be fundamentally undemocratic. We would therefore not support TTIP.


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